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What is it

UI5Lab is a community driven repository for UI5 Custom Control Libraries. It's purpose is to make it easy for everyone to share, retrieve and use UI5 Custom Controls. Explore them in the UI5Lab browser. Contributions welcome!


This repository contains essential project information and hosts central infrastructure that links together all contributed libraries. Have a look at our documentation for more details.


Run the following commands to test or develop this project:

  1. Clone this repository to your local developer workspace
git clone
cd UI5Lab-central
  1. Load npm dependencies without running their individual scripts
npm install --ignore-scripts
  1. Copy all files to the correct places and adjust bootstrap to CDN
npm run postinstall

Note: to test the deployment that is triggered via Travis call npm run deploy. All resources for deployment will be put in a subfolder deploy.

  1. Run a local server for testing
npm start
  1. Go to http://localhost:8080/index.html to display all available UI5Lab libraries

Note: This project joins all individual code repositories (libraries and tools like the UI5Lab browser) so that they can be viewed together. All required modules will be loaded to your local workspace automatically. You can easily modify the assets and test the changes immediately. The same environment manages the homepage of UI5Lab where all libraries are publicly listed. For more instructions check the documentation.


  • Homepage - the single point of entry for UI5Lab
  • Documentation - project overview and tutorials
  • Browser - all UI5Lab libraries and examples
  • Demo - an example app consuming simple UI5Lab controls


Issues can be created either in this repository or in any of the contributor repositories depending on where the error came from. Be sure to include enough details and context to reproduce the issue and follow up with you.


We organize this project in Slack Channel #UI5Lab. If you are interested in what we do and discuss, join with this invitation link or visit the homepage

The UI5Lab Community


A place to jointly work on a community-driven custom UI5 repository




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