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CAVE2 Simulator for developing Unity3D applications for virtual reality
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omicron-unity CAVE2 Simulator

A example project for developing Unity3D applications for virtual reality environments such as the Electronic Visualization Laboratory's CAVE2(TM). This package and its associated submodule ( work as a wrapper around the CAVE2 API so that the CAVE2 environment can be simulated in Unity3D using stock Unity assets (no editor platform dependencies, professional licenses needed).


This repository is a wrapper for the main Omicron-Unity module available at Download from here for use as a Unity example project. Use the previous link for use as a submodule of an existing project.

If you are cloning using Git, remember to remember to use the recursive flag:

git clone --recursive

Alternativly when available, you can use one of the zipped release files.

CAVE2 is a trademark of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees

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