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Responsive HTML Email Templates

We've developed 12 commonly used email templates which can be used easily with your projects. If you face any issue or bug in our templates please open an issue

How to use these email templates

It is assumed that node js is already installed on your system.

  1. Go to UICardio Email Templates page
  2. Buy/Download the email templates bundle
  3. Extract
  4. Go to the extracted folder and open the terminal there
  5. Run npm install, this will install our gulp dependencies
  6. Run gulp, this will create a dist folder which has all the ready-to-use templates
Note: You need to upload your images which are in src/img/ on CDN or any webserver and link those images in your src/ HTML templates

Style Customizations

We've included SCSS files in src/scss/ so that you can change your email styles. After changing your SCSS files just run gulp and it'll update the templates in dist folder


Partials can be found in src/partials/ which contains header and footer. You don't have to edit every template to make changes in header or footer, just make changes in partials and run gulp in your terminal and it'll update in all the templates in dist folder.

If you still has any confusion or discovered any bug, you are free to open an issue or you can also contact us