a pie menu-driven GUI for Linux/UNIX shell command assembly
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A pie menu-driven GUI for Linux/UNIX shell command assembly


In its nascent stages, please use npm start to start the React server.

In a different terminal instance use npm run electron to start running within an Electron window.

This will eventually be automated such that only one command will have to be executed to have both work in tandem. For now, this will work as we become comfortable with the logistics of our new environment and begin implementing features.

Note that React is smart enough to recompile automatically after editing the source, including stylesheets and Babel files. You can keep both the React and Electron instances running concurrently as you develop, without having to stop either process.

Speaking of recompiling, run npm run sass in another process to automatically compile sass files.

Note: Don't forget to run npm install to download the packages listed in the package.json before trying to get it running.

Note: Comment out dev tools in electron-start.js for transparent window.

More to come soon.