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Borrows from the node.js EventEmitter, this is a simple pub/sub system that allows anyone to subscribe and publish arbitrary events on an object.


var myee = new EventEmitter();

myee.on('myevent', function(a, b) {
  console.log('myevent', a, b);

myee.emit('myevent', 20, 30);
myee.emit('myevent', 30, 40);

Output will be:

myevent 20 30
myevent 30 40

emitter.emit(event, ..args..)

Calls all handlers subscribed to event. All arguments are passed to the handler. Handler is called with this bound to the object.

emitter.on(event, fn)

Subscribes a handler function fn to be called when the event event is emitted.

emitter.removeListener(event, fn)

Removes the function fn as a handler for event event. Note that you should pass along the same function passed to on(event, fn).

TODO: maybe return a cookie from on and allow passing it here as well to avoid the need to pass the same function?


Clears all the handlers for the event event. After this call, no handler will be invoked when event is emitted.

emitter.once(event, fn)

Not implemented (yet)

Calls fn only the next time the event event is emitted. This is useful for one-off handling.