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A multilingual input method framework
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skk: Do nothing when open() is failed

GitHub: fix #55

Patch by zephyrus00jp. Thanks!!!
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emacs emacs: Fix a bug that other minor mode key bindings are ignored on Em…
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qt4 Fix memory leak in QUimHelperManager::slotStdinActivated()
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tables * tables/ (.scm.table) : Fix to use LANG=C.
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uim skk: Do nothing when open() is failed
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README * This commit update website URLs and mailinglist address for Google
config.rpath * m4/lib-link.m4 Don't set GTK+ variables when GTK+ is disabled. Remove uim-scim. Replace the repository URL. * * This commit separate libuim-scm from libuim


About uim

uim is a multilingual input method library and environment.

Its goal is to provide simple, easily extensible and high code-quality
input method development platform, and useful input method environment
for users of desktop and embedded platforms.

See for further details.


Part of this software had been funded by IPA (
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