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How to build uim
The requirements for building uim is listed below.
* iconv(3)
* curses (need to build uim-fep)
* Anthy (need to use Japanese Anthy module. version >= 7802 is
* Canna (need to use Japanese Canna module)
* mana (need to use Japanese mana module. version >= 0.2.0 is
* PRIME >= (need to use Japanese PRIME module)
* m17nlib >= 1.3.1 (need to use uim-m17nlib bridge)
* GTK+ >= 2.4 (need to build gtk tools and gtk immodule)
* gnome-panel (need to build GNOME applet indicator)
* Qt >= 3.3.2 (need to build qt tools. you also need to apply
immodule patch to build qt immodule)
First, please extract source from tar ball.
$ tar xvzf uim-x.x.x.tar.gz
Then, move to the extracted directory and run configure.
$ cd uim-x.x.x
$ ./configure
configure options disabled as default is like this.
* --enable-debug : build uim with debug information
* --enable-dict : enable Japanese dictionary tool
* --with-canna : use Canna
* --with-qt : build qt tools
* --with-qt-immodule : build qt immodule. you need the qt with the
qt-immodule patch
Finally, make and install it.
$ make
$ su
# make install
By default, uim is installed under /usr/local , but this directory may
not be on the system search path. Should that be the case, add the
line /usr/local/lib to /etc/ld.conf and then, run ldconfig.
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