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Customize uim

Konstantin Kharlamov edited this page Jun 30, 2019 · 1 revision

How to customize uim

You can customize the behavior of uim in 2 ways.

  • GUI tool (uim-pref-gtk, uim-pref-qt or uim-pref-qt4)
  • editing ~/.uim

uim-pref-* write the configuration into ~/.uim.d/customs/. ~/.uim overrides it. If you use uim-pref-*, make sure the contents of ~/.uim doesn't conflict with ~/.uim.d/customs/.


  • enable-lazy-loading?
  • enabled-im-list
  • installed-im-module-list

Don't overwrite these variables in ~/.uim. Please change their values with uim-pref-* or by editing modules.scm directly.

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