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Installing uim binaries

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How to Install uim by Binary Package

Installation procedures depend on your OS or distribution.

Debian and Ubuntu

Included in official apt repository. On Debian, uim is distributed in several packages, so you can install only those module(s) that you'll use (of course you can install all modules if you want). To search for uim packages, please run this command.

$ apt-cache search uim

Then, install the packages. This example installs gtk2.0, xim, and fep modules.

$ apt-get install uim uim-utils uim-gtk2.0 uim-xim uim-fep


uim is included in Fedora ( Please run

$ yum install 'uim*'


uim is included in official ports. You need to introduce portsupgrade and run this command.

$ portinstall textproc/uim

If you use uim-skk, please install skk-jisyo also.

$ portinstall japanese/skk-jisyo


ebuild is provided by Portage.

$ emerge uim

When you use uim-anthy, please install anthy first.

$ emerge anthy


Official RPM is available.


uim is included in pkgsrc. Please run these commands.

$ cd pkgsrc/inputmethod/uim
$ make install clean

You can change install options by setting the PKG_OPTIONS.uim variable. edit this in /etc/mk.conf or run

$ env PKG_OPTIONS.uim='anthy eb qt' make install clean

Default value is "anthy canna" (see


Starting from Slackware 10.2, Slackware Add-on package Project distributes a uim package.

Vine Linux

uim is included in Vine Plus.

$ apt-get install anthy uim

And you need to run setime command.

$ setime anthy

Then, re-login to your system.

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