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Uim system configuration

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System Configuration for uim

This section shows you the configuration steps for uim to be usable on your system.

(1) System Configuration

To use uim, you must set some environment variables correctly. You need to specify these variables and run programs(e.g. uim-xim) in ~/.xsession, ~/.xinitrc, and ~/.gnomerc depending on your system. Example settings is like this.

uim-xim &

To use Gtk immodule, you need to generate the immodule file. Please see the following Gtk Immodule section.

Using Gtk Immodule

Please set GTK_IM_MODULE environment variable like this.

export GTK_IM_MODULE=uim

Then, generate the immodule file like this.

$ gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules


$ gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > ~/.immodules

If you use ~/.immodules, please add the following lines to your setting file (eg. ~/.xsession, ~/.xinitrc, ...)


Using Qt Immodule

To use Qt immodule, you need Qt4 and build uim with --with-qt4-immodule. For old Qt3, apply immodule patch for Qt3 and build uim with --with-qt-immodule configure option. Then, please set QT_IM_MODULE environment variable like this.

export QT_IM_MODULE=uim

Using XIM (X input method) protocol

To input via XIM, you need to set the environment variable XMODIFIERS, to specify the XIM client.

export XMODIFIERS=@im=uim

You can also specify the candidate window program by setting UIM_CANDWIN_PROG. Currently, uim-candwin-gtk and uim-candwin-qt are available.

export UIM_CANDWIN_PROG=uim-candwin-gtk
export UIM_CANDWIN_PROG=uim-candwin-qt
export UIM_CANDWIN_PROG=uim-candwin-qt4

Then, run the uim-xim command. For further detail, please refer to [UimXim uim-xim].

(2) Choosing the Default Input Method

Next, you should choose the default input method by running uim-pref-gtk or uim-pref-qt.

  • run uim-pref-(gtk/qt/qt4)
  • Goto "General settings" section
  • check "Input method deployment -> Specify default IM"
  • choose "Input method deployment -> Default input method"
  • If you cannot find the IM that you want to use, press "Input method deployment -> Enabled input methods -> Edit" and activate the IM.
    • If you cannot find your favorite IM in the list of enabled input methods, please check your installation.

(3) Setting other bridges

uim has other bridges like uim.el(for emacs) and uim-fep(for console apps). Please setup these according to each bridge's manual (optional).

(4) Setting for the On/Off keys

You can edit On/Off keys. By default, uim set "Shift-Space" and "zenkaku-hankaku" as On/Off keys for the most of input methods. Please change them as you like using uim-pref-(gtk/qt/qt4) in "Global key bindings 1" and input method specific key setting (like "Anthy key bindings 2").

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