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Database breach cross-reference tool
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DB-Cross-Ref is a Python script that checks if the emails found in file A also exist in file B.

File Usage
A File containing emails to check
B File to check the emails against

Note that this relies on both files to have a maximum of one email per new line.
References to Spotify-Account1.txt and already in the script are legitimate and left in as an example.

The sort of counts that is returned:

  • Matched emails
  • Matched duplicate emails
  • Mismatched emails
  • Mismatched duplicate emails


This is for educational and research purposes only. I am not responsible for misuse or damage caused by the involvement of this program.


  • Python 3


Edit the dumpa and dumpb variable values with the name of the files you wish to utilise.
For example:

dumpa = 'file_a.txt'
dumpb = 'file_b.txt'
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