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Discord Cache Dump

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A cross-platform command line Discord cache collection tool

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Discord Cache Dump is a tool that gathers the cache of all known Electron Discord client builds, copies into their corresponding build directories, and gives the files their appropriate file extensions.


  • Detection of known Discord build types (can do multiple in a single run)
  • Discloses count of amount of files it is unable to gather at the time for that particular build
  • Supports Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS
  • Checks storage available where the program is being ran before copying
  • Dumps are timestamped along with the cache being in their own build type directories
  • Select specific build type with the --build (or -b) flag (i.e. ./dcd --build stable)
  • Non-interactive mode by using the --noninteractive (or -n) flag (i.e. ./dcd --noninteractive)

Known limitations

  • The files that a Discord client process is utilising at the time cannot be copied over as it involves opening
    • It is advised to kill the parent process of the client(s) you wish to copy files from that contains strings of potentially sensitive data
  • Due to how cache is stored in GNU/Linux and macOS builds, this tool includes a file extraction function
    • .MOV files cannot be completely extracted
    • Some .GZ (gzip) files containing mentions of .JS cannot be completely extracted
    • Some cache files containing request and response data cannot be completely extracted
    • Cache files that cannot be handled at all will not have their contents altered as they are being copied over

Always opened files

The following files are known to be used constantly by Discord and so cannot be copied while that Discord client is running.

File Contents
index Cache index
data_0 Unknown
data_1 Full URLs to friendly URLs, API, avatars, emojis, embeds, attachments, uploads (self and others)
data_2 Code, assets (png, svg)
data_3 Certificates, hostnames, IP addresses, image EXIF, references to javascript assets (webpack)


In order to compile the tool, there are a few things required to get it set up.


Platform Command
Windows dcd_windows.exe
GNU/Linux ./dcd_linux (run chmod +x ./dcd_linux initially)
macOS ./dcd_darwin_arm64 (run chmod +x ./dcd_darwin_arm64 initially)


User Contribution
uintdev Research & analysis, development, Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS platform testing
NotZoeyDev macOS platform testing
utf-4096 GNU/Linux platform testing


  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)
  • Kali Linux (GNU/Linux)
  • Solus (GNU/Linux)
  • macOS