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A recursive email extraction tool
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Email Extractor

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Email Extractor is a tool that takes all the emails it finds in a file that has data between and then creates a list of emails, one email per line.

File Usage
A File containing emails to extract
B File to dump emails into

Reference to already in the script is legitimate and left in as an example.


  • Collects multiple emails per line
  • Avoids duplicated emails
  • Amount of found emails is displayed as it checks


This is for educational and research purposes only. I am not responsible for misuse or damage caused by the involvement of this program.


  • Python 3


Edit the dumpa variable value with the file you wish to check and dumpb for where the found emails get stored (file gets created if it does not exist already and gets overwritten if already exists).
For example:

dumpa = 'filetoscan.txt'
dumpb = 'emailsgoinhere.txt'
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