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"Error 2" on build #12

anstosa opened this Issue · 4 comments

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When I attempt to build, it fails and the console reads:

[Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

Installed on Sublime Text 2 Build 2181 via Package Control.

  1. Did you run with control-J?

  2. Was this on Windows? I haven't set the path correctly for Windows yet. Need someone to help on that since I'm on a Mac.

  1. Tried with [ Ctrl ] + [ J ] and by selecting jshint as the default build system and [ Ctrl ] + [ B ]
  2. Yes I am on Windows. I would be happy to help you find the correct path.

Thank you for the detail. I'm assuming that you already installed node-jshint npm -g install jshint

  1. In your terminal, determine the executable path for jshint. On a Mac, I type which jshint to get this.
  2. Open "JSHint.sublime-build" in your Sublime Text 2/Packages/JSHint directory.
  3. Uncomment the windows path section and set path from step 1.
  4. Test to see if it worked.

When you have succeeded, please let me know the correct path and I will update the codebase for everyone.


This will fix it:

"windows": {
  "cmd": ["jshint.cmd", "$file"]

This assumes that users have node installed and that the path to node is in their CLASSPATH in environmental variables: C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs

@uipoet uipoet closed this issue from a commit
Jamie Hoover ⚔ Windows Support
Adds command specific to Windows. Updates README with note about assumptions.

Closes #12. Thanks anstosa!
@uipoet uipoet closed this in ce5bd07
@cointilt cointilt referenced this issue from a commit in cointilt/sublime-jshint
@cointilt cointilt Fixes a problem with Sublime Text 2 on Mac
This fixed an issue that was not allowing the build when hitting `cmd` + `j` on Sublime Text 2 for Mac.

Related to issue #33 as well as closed issues #12 and #14.
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