No longer possible to define project level jshintrc files #39

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ce20a61 causes all projects to use the bundled jshintrc file rather than utilize the project specific jshint files that may be present.

This seems like a sept backwards as not everyone is going to want to use the jshint settings defined in this project and in some cases they may even use different jshint settings for different projects.

I agree. I came here to figure out why I was suddenly getting all sorts of errors. I use the project-level settings to define global predef variables, and to make sure other contributors will be linting with the same settings.


milesmatthias commented Jan 17, 2013

Pull request sent and tweeted Jamie to let him know.

In the meantime, you can edit this file yourself to fix it for your local machine. If you're on a Mac, the files live in:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/JSHint/

ST2 updates your plugins on every launch as well, so when Jamie gets around to approving my pull request, you'll get up to date on restart.


uipoet commented Jan 22, 2013

Thanks @milesmatthias and apologies to folks for the delayed merge.

@uipoet uipoet closed this Jan 22, 2013


milesmatthias commented Jan 22, 2013

No problem, thanks for merging :)

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