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examples in several languages showcasing the use of the Ujeebu API
Java JavaScript C# PHP Python Ruby
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Ujeebu API

Ujeebu is a set of APIs that provide developers with extraction, text analysis and language detection capabilities.

check demo

Ujeebu examples:

  • Java

    To run the Java example we use the Apache HttpClient library to make the API request and the Gson library to process the JSON received.

         cd java
         ## compile java class
         # for unix or mac
         javac -cp ".:./lib/*" .\
         # for windows
         #javac -cp ".;./lib/*" .\
         ## run the code
         # For unix or mac
         java -cp ".;./lib/*" RequestExample
         # for windows
         #java -cp ".:./lib/*" RequestExample
  • Python

    cd python
    # install requests library
    pip install  -r requirements.txt
  • Javascript

    cd js
    # install request package
    npm install
    node  request-example.js
  • PHP

    cd php
    php request-example.php
  • Ruby

    cd ruby
    # install httpparty gem
    gem install httparty
    ruby http-party-example.rb
  • C#

    cd c#/cs-example
    # add needed packages
    dotnet add package RestSharp --version 106.2.1
    dotnet add package Newtonsoft.Json --version 11.0.1
    # run
    dotnet run
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