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Ujo Docs


File structure

All docs are found in the /docs directory.


Uses standard CommonMark markdown spec formatting, with default VuePress Markdown Extensions.

Local Development

If you wish to be able to see changes reflected live, you can run a local dev server. Requires a NodeJS environment on your machine.

Run npm ci to quickly install all necessary dependencies. You can then run npm run docs:dev to launch a local live-reload instance of the docs. Changes will be reflected as soon as you save the source file.

You can also run npm run docs:build if you ever want to manually build the static output. This is normally handled on the CI server automatically. For consistent code formatting we use Prettier, if you wish you can format all files prior to a commit via npm run format.

vscode Workspace Settings

VSCode workspace settings are included in this repository, when opening for the first time you should be prompted to install some recommended extensions. Once installed, you should automatically get:

  • Spell checker auto-lint in Markdown files
  • Automatic code formatting via prettier on file save



Deployment is handled automatically via Netlify CI. 🎉

Full-text Search Indexing

Search is handled via Algolia DocSearch, configuration changes must be made via PR to the config file (format documentation). Index is updated once every 24 hrs.


See information about contributing here.


The written documentation and source code examples are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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