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Monitor Energy Saving App for Windows
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MonitorES - Monitor Energy Saver v1.0.1b

CURRENT STATUS --> (Started working on new version with more features and soon will be out of beta!)

MonitorES is a small Windows system tray utility that helps you to turn off your monitor when you lock down your machine (Win + L). Also when you lock your machine, it will pause all of your running media programs & set your IM status message to "Away" / custom message (via options) and restore it back to normal when you come back.

According to these research statistics we could save a lot of energy by turning off monitors.


MonitorES 1.0.1(b)


MonitorES Lite


  • Automatically turnoff monitor.
  • Automatically pause running media programs.
  • Automatically IM away status message.
  • Mute master sound.( XP,Vista,7).
  • Custom Hotkey's for All operations.
  • Keyboard PAUSE key to pause/play running media programs(Gives single key control).
  • Custom away messages for IM
  • Support 16+ Media Players
  • Customizable options
  • Disable screensaver
  • Listen to your pause status
  • Very small executable file (34 KB)
  • No Installation Required / Portable Software

Supported Media Players

Supported IM

Details : Click Here

MonitorES Lite - For Administrators/corporates -> Lite Weight,highly optimized More details

MonitorES Ubuntu - Ubuntu version of MonitorES .. More details

Reviews : - "MonitorES is the perfect simple solution to saving more power so easily" - "This is a very neat utility that helps you save money and help the environment." - "Tiny, portable utility MonitorES not only turns off the monitor when you lock your PC, it also pauses almost any media player and even sets your Google and Yahoo IM status to away" - "Save the environment, save your laptop battery, save some money--or if you already remember to turn your monitor off every time you leave your cubicle, at least save yourself a few button presses" - "Monitor ES basically helps computer users save money (and the environment) by reducing the amount of energy their computer systems consumes" - "It’s free , easy to use & extend the life of expensive monitor — and save a bit on electric bill to boot" - "By numerous computers, electrical energy is consumed in the from of monitors. The focus of each one, power consumption will be lower in the office. The MonitorES where they want to use." - "small application used to save energy and, perhaps, even to save on electricity bills. " - "Small, portable, assistant program MonitorES not only off the monitor when you lock the PC, but also paused, and almost all media player, and even set, and Google, and Yahoo IM status to away" - "monitores is certainly a good and small program, customizable, and in some cases particularly useful ... even for our electricity bill" - Ecological, economical and convenient! - handy & a very useful software

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