An email module for Kohana, *not* based on Swiftmailer for once.
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Kohana Email v2

Kohana Email provides a standardised email interface for sending emails in the Kohana 3.2+ framework. It also provides a Spam Assassin score based on the excellent SpamChecker provided by Postmark (available to non-customers as well). This module does not used switfmailer out of personal distaste.

Current Transports

Additional transports can be added by simply making a new file in /classes/email and extending Email_Transport.

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy Kohana Email to your modules directory (e.g. /modules/email)
  2. Add Kohana Email to your modules array in bootstrap.php
  3. Create a config file at /application/config/email.php and enter your details if necessary.
  4. You're ready to start sending emails!

Example Email

$email = Email::compose('my_config_group')
    ->subject('Welcome to My Site')
    ->body('Plain text welcome message')
    ->body(View::factory('emails/welcome'), 'html');

try {
} catch(Email_Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();


* Can be called multiple times

NB: email addresses can be in the form '' OR array('Proper Name', '') and will be expanded to be "Proper Name".