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A Kohana module for integrating google maps easily to your website.
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Kohana Google Maps Module V1.3

With this module you can easily add a Google Map to your Kohana installation!

The Google Map module has NO dependency to other modules!


  • Updated to support Kohana 3.2 by UKD1
  • Display a Google-Map by just echo'ing an instance of the "Gmap" class
  • Setting several map-types (road, satellite, hybrid and terrain)
  • Setting sensor-parameter (for mobile devices)
  • Adding markers to the map (including custom icon and Google Maps popups)
  • Adding polylines to the map
  • Adding polygons to the map
  • Setting the positions and types for the map-controls

Features to come

The following features shall be implemented during development:

  • Cleaning up the Google Map-view (Maybe moving the javascript to a sub-views?)


The usage of this module is as easy as it could be! Simply activate the module in your bootstrap.php

 * Enable modules. Modules are referenced by a relative or absolute path.
    // ...
    'gmap'       => MODPATH.'gmap',       // A simple google-maps module

Then you'll just echo an instance of the gmap class in your action... For example:

public function action_index()
    $this->template->map = Gmap::factory();
} // function

This is a more advanced example with usage of various options...

public function action_index()
    $gmap = Gmap::factory(
                'zoom' => 4,
                'sensor' => FALSE,
        ->add_marker('Marker A', 51.15, 6.83)
        ->add_marker('Marker B', 51.15, 6.93,
                'content' => '<p>Put HTML here. "Quotes" and \'singlequotes\'</p>',
                'icon' => '/path/to/your.icon'
        ->set_gmap_size('100%', 500); // Will output "width: 100%; height: 500px"

    // This will render the Google Map.
    $this->template->map = $gmap;

    // Or...
    $this->template->map = $gmap->render();

    // Or rendering a own Google Map view.
    $this->template->map = $gmap->render('gmap_view_2');
} // function

Yes, it's that easy ;)


For more information look up the wiki!

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