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System requirements
ProjectPier requires a web server, PHP (5.0.2 or greater with MySQL, GD, and 
SimpleXML extensions) and MySQL with InnoDB support. The recommended web 
server is Apache, but IIS 5 and above have been reported to work also.
ProjectPier is not PHP4 compatible and it will not run on PHP versions prior
to PHP 5.0.2.
Recommended configuration:
: PHP 5.1 or greater
: MySQL 4.1 or greater with InnoDB support (see notes below)
: Apache 2.0 or greater
If you do not have these installed on a server or your personal computer, 
you can visit the sites below to learn more about how to download and install
them.  They are all licensed under various compatible Open Source licenses.	
: PHP    :
: MySQL  :
: Apache :

If you are upgrading from ProjectPier 0.8.0-dev or activeCollab 0.7.1, do not
follow the installation steps below, instead see upgrade.txt for an upgrade procedure.
It is not possible to upgrade from older versions of activeCollab.

1. Make sure your server meets the requirements, see notes below regarding
   enabling InnoDB support.
2. Download ProjectPier from the project website -
3. Unpack and upload the files to your web server.
4. Direct your browser to the /public/install directory and follow the installation

Enabling InnoDB Support

Some installations of MySQL don't support InnoDB by default.  The ProjectPier installer 
will tell you if your server is not configured to support InnoDB. This is easy to fix: 

1. Open your MySQL options file, the file name is my.cnf (Linux) - usually at /etc/my.cnf 
   or my.ini (Windows) - usually at c:/windows/my.ini.  If you are using the Uniform Server
   on Windows, the file will be named 'my-small' and will need to be edited with a unix 
   compatible editor such as PSPad or EditPad Lite.
2. Comment the skip-innodb line by adding # in front of it (like #skip-innodb). 
3. It would also be good to increase max_allowed_packet to ensure that 
   you'll be able to upload files larger than 1MB. Just add this 
   line bellow #skip-innodb line: 
   set-variable = max_allowed_packet=64M

Changing the Language

ProjectPier installation screens are in English and English is the default language
for the program.  However, ProjectPier is distributed with 22 other language options.

After installation is complete, the language can be changed by manually editing the
file /config/config.php. 

How: Find this line in your config.php file: define('DEFAULT_LOCALIZATION', 'en_us');
     Change en_us to the appropriate language abbreviation (select from the list below).
     Example for German: define('DEFAULT_LOCALIZATION', 'de_de');

The following languages are available:
es_ar = Argentinian Spanish
pt_br = Bralilian Portuguese
bg_bg = Bulgarian
pt_pt = Continental Portuguese
cz_cz = Czech
da_dk = Danish
nl_nl = Dutch
en_us = English (US)
fi_fi = Finnish
fr_fr = French
de_de = German
el_gr = Greek
hu_formal = Hungarian (formal)
hu_informal = Hungarian (informal)
it_it = Italian
lt_lt = Lithuanian
es_mx = Mexican Spanish
pl_pl = Polish
ru_ru = Russian
zn_ch = Simplified Chinese
sl_si = Slovenian
sv_sv = Swedish
tr_tr = Turkish

About ProjectPier
ProjectPier is an Open Source project management and collaboration
tool that you can install on your own server. It is released under the 
terms of the Gnu Affero General Public License (AGPL) (see LICENSE.txt for details).