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Commits on Oct 8, 2013
  1. @RedBeard0531
  2. @erh
  3. @RedBeard0531

    Rip out Expression::toMatcherBson()

    RedBeard0531 authored
    It isn't called by anyone and most remaining implementations are verify(false);
  4. @RedBeard0531

    Rip out ExpressionFieldRange

    RedBeard0531 authored
    Most of its logic wasn't actually hooked up so it doesn't actually offer much
    advantage over ExpressionCompare. When we go to actually implement these
    optimizations, it should be generic, not just for FieldPaths.
  5. @RedBeard0531
  6. @RedBeard0531

    SERVER-10165 aggregate() shell helper now returns a cursor

    RedBeard0531 authored
    The actual change is in src/mongo/shell/collection.js with the remaining changes
    to adjust tests to the new api.
    The "ideal" arguments are now an array of pipeline ops and an optional object
    with extra top-level options for the command (such as {explain: true}. For
    backwards compatibility, we still support the varargs style where each argument
    is a pipeline stage, but there is no way to specify extra parameters in this
  7. SERVER-10026 new vs old system spigot

    Hari Khalsa authored
  8. @milkie

    SERVER-10358 temporarily move module.cpp into server_options

    milkie authored
    This fixes a linking issue with mongos.
    module.cpp is going away in the next few weeks.
  9. @acmorrow
  10. @jpiche @kangas

    SERVER-8510 Fixing typo directly -> directory in options help string

    jpiche authored kangas committed
    Signed-off-by: Matt Kangas <>
  11. @acmorrow
  12. @acmorrow
  13. @erh
  14. @erh
  15. @benety
  16. @IanWhalen
  17. @scotthernandez
  18. @scotthernandez
  19. @erh
  20. @erh
Commits on Oct 7, 2013
  1. @erh
  2. @erh
  3. @erh
  4. @erh

    Revert "Revert "SERVER-6405: ExtentManager no longer has access to co…

    erh authored
    …llection internals""
    This reverts commit cbe5d8c.
  5. @RedBeard0531
  6. @RedBeard0531

    SERVER-10927 RS hosts drop temp collections on promotion to master

    RedBeard0531 authored
    Non-replicated hosts still drop temp collections on startup. This is
    inappropriate for replica set members (and pure slaves) since it can lead to
    discrepancies between hosts.
  7. @andy10gen

    Revert "SERVER-6405: ExtentManager no longer has access to collection…

    andy10gen authored
    … internals"
    This reverts commit 9cbdc4f, which breaks
    at least smoke auth and smoke sharding.
  8. @dannenberg
  9. @RedBeard0531
  10. @RedBeard0531

    SERVER-9248 Ignore errors when checking readahead

    RedBeard0531 authored
    To test, run sudo chmod o-x /sys/dev/block
  11. @erh

    SERVER-6405: ExtentManager no longer has access to collection internals

    erh authored
                 attachment of Extent to collection is done in Collection
  12. SERVER-10532 batch write executor and unit tests

    Greg Studer authored
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