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Tommy Mikkelsen edited this page Jan 25, 2015 · 15 revisions

Welcome to the SRT2UTF-8.bundle wiki!

This is an agent for Plex, that will check for sidecar subtitle files, located next to your medias, and convert them into UTF-8 if needed. It can also correct subtitles downloaded with the OpenSubtitles plug-in.

So why doing this?

Well....If you're like me, and rip your DVD to put it on Plex, and is running Samsung as a client, then you'll need to use an external sidecar subtitle file. However....My native language use extended characters (Danish), and most srt files found online are sadly encoded in ISO-8859-15 (Western). Outcome is, that native danish characters turn up as garbage on my tv.

So this agent will automatically check if the external srt-file is encoded in utf-8, and if not, then make a backup of it, and then convert it. To force detection of already downloaded srt's, do a "Forced Refresh" of the library section

WARNING: Detecting encoding and language is not bulletproof. In fact, there's AFAIK still no way to make sure, that detection works 100% in any method used. As such, use @ own risk, and be prepared to reverse subtitle files from the created back-up.

As such, I strongly recommend, that you try this out on a small section in Plex, to test if it works for your language, since I've no way of testing for all languages/codepages in the world!

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