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Logo Installing WebTools

If you are running Windows, Asustor, QNAP or Synology, you will find an official "easy to install" package here: WebTools Installer

3rd Party Install instructions

  • Docker
    • Do check out this link
  • Raspberry Pi
  • NVidia Shield

Manual Installation

If you want/need to install WebTools manually, follow these steps:

  • Download WebTools here
  • Extract all files from the zip file
  • Copy the extracted files to the Plug-ins directory
  • Make sure the directory is named WebTools.bundle (and NOT WebTools.bundle-master)
  • Make sure the WebTools.bundle directory contains a directory named "Contents". If not, then you might be one directory too high!
  • If running Linux or Mac OS X, also make sure that the user running Plex Media Server has the correct permissions to the WebTools.bundle directory and it's contents.

Note: You cannot currently install WebTools on the Nvidia Shield TV. See the Plex Nvidia Shield forum for details.

Your Plug-ins folder should look something like this after manually installing WebTools.

YUN = Your User Name.

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