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This is a repo for a development system that I created using Puppet and Openstack on Legacy Networking

I chose not to use software networking for openstack which is provided by Openstack as software routing is not one of my personal likes. Puppet server does however have a firewall router to allow installation of yum packages.

This was based on CentOS 7 with two nodes, a control and compute node (vms stored locally on compute)

Setup Senario


4x Networks

  1. Openstack/Puppet Backend Network (
  2. Dashboard Public IP (Live IP On Seperate Network)
  3. Compute Subnet (Live /29)
  4. Puppet Live IP (Firewalled only for yum updates etc)


Puppet Server
eth0 - Live
eth1 - Backend Network (

If it's any help create a virtual router using my example You can install puppetmaster using my shell script and required modules.

Control Server
eth0 - Live for Dashboard
eth1 - Backend Network (

Compute Server
eth0 - Backend Netowrk (
eth1 - Public Subnet (create basic bridge to interface)
All in /


Assign hostnames and add them to puppet,

Using the configs I have provided you will install the packages required, sync times together, and pre-prep repos


Install Keystone on Control

Install Glance on Control

Install Compute on Compute


network_api_class =
security_group_api = nova
firewall_driver = nova.virt.libvirt.firewall.IptablesFirewallDriver
flat_network_bridge = BRIDGE_NAME
flat_interface = INTERFACE_NAME
public_interface = INTERFACE_NAME

Replace BRIDGE_NAME with Bridge Replace INTERFACE_NAME with eth1/em2 or whatever the public facer is.

Install Dashboard

This will give you a base setup you can work from enjoy!