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+## 0.1 a-year-in-the-making ##
+- Initial release
+- Parses documents, but with some mess. Hacked out of the ashes of a year`s work.
+## 0.2 garden-pond ##
+- Tests refactored and tidied up and improved
+- Main refactored and renamed: the configuration file is now either specified
+ by a single command line argument or found as `habitat.yml` in the current
+ working directory. Its layout has changed slightly: see the example for
+ details.
+- Renamed modules: `filters/common` -> `filters`, `sensor_manager` ->
+ `loadable_manager`
+- Parser now only parses documents changed from startup onwards, rather than
+ scouring the full history for unparsed documents.
+- Breaking: sensor functions are now specified by a `sensor` key in flight
+ documents, not `type`. Additionally, normal filter functions are now specified
+ by `filter`, rather than `callable`
+- Filters are now managed by `loadable_manager` (i.e., the old
+ `sensor_manager`) and must be imported in the config file.
+- Filters and sensors are separated in the manager by the `sensors` and
+ 'filters' namespaces. The parser and parser modules automatically prepend the
+ relevant namespace when using a function, but this must be noted when
+ configuring.
+- Exception handling in the Parser was reorganised (internal).

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