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UKHealthCamp is a free ‘unconference’ for everyone interested in digital, design, technology and data for health and care.

This Repository contains the source code to the website.


This is a re-imagining of the UKHealthCamp website, now entirely built by Jekyll and 98% less full of unused vestigial Bootstrap css and boiler-plate. Previously the site was built from the repository using Node and Bower.

Everything is now built from Kramdown source files into html using the template in _layouts by Jekyll. CSS is compiled from stylesheets and SCSS file in _sass to a single compressed file.

Controlling global "Alert Bar"

To display the "Alert Bar" on all pages set show_alert: true in _config.yaml and it will appear, to hide it set show_alert: false. To edit the contents of the bar simply edit _includes/ the file is (Mark)Kramdown.

Page types

There are two templates default.html and generic.html. Default is a minimal template that simply adds appropriate html <head> content and the global "Alert Bar" (if enabled) and site footer. Generic is more prescriptive and adds a simple header bar and provides for simple "plain text" pages (of course (Mark)Kramdown is supported).

To select the appropriate template simply chose either layout: default of layout: generic in the file frontmatter.


To standardise formatting and ease of use sponsors are defined in _data/sponsors.yml according to year and level of sponsorship. To display sponsors for a particular year include the following: {% include sponsors.html year="2017" %} where year is set to the chosen year. Sponsor logos are stored in /images/sponsors-<<year>>/inage.png.

_data/sponsors.yml has the following format:

"2017":                         # Year
  gold:                         # Sponsorship level
  - name: A sponsor             # Name of sponsor
    link: https://link          # Link to sponsor site
    logo: image.png             # Sponsor logo stored in `/images/sponsors-<<year>>/inage.png`
    for:  For the venue         # What the sponsorhip was for
  - name: Another sponsor
    link: https://links/
    logo: gold-logo.png
    for:  For the venue

Adding a short-link

There are some "static" short links to useful things (e.g Slack, Pitch-board, Session notes), these links are stored in links directory as separate files containing the following YAML Front Matter:

layout: link                # Must be set as `link`
permalink: /short           # The short link n.b. be careful not to use the name of an existing page
redirect_to: "" # The location to redirect to

Getting Started

Simply edit (Mark)Kramdown files in your editor of choice and push, GitHub pages will do the rest of the magic.

If you feel you need to edit templates/play around locally:

To set-up initially after cloning repo:

gem install bundler
bundle install

To compile with Jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve

For more info on using Jekyll (GitHub Pages variety) locally see:


UKHealthCamp is a free ‘unconference’ for everyone interested in digital, design, technology and data for health and care.


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