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You can't control what you can't measure.

Tom DeMarco (1982) Controlling Software Projects.

This Google Apps Scripts help to measure your website using WebPagetest.


  • Node.js
    • This script is written by Node.js
  • Yarn
    • package manager
    • This repository is managed by Yarn
  • Google Account
    • Need to login with clasp.
    • gas-webpagetest is a Google Apps Script.
  • Google Spreadsheet
    • gas-webpagetest record the result of WebPagetest to Google Spreadsheet
    • 1 sheet = 1 site
  • WebPagetest API Key




  1. git clone this repository
git clone
cd gas-webpagetest
  1. Install dependencies by yarn
yarn install
  1. If you never use clasp, please do clasp login
yarn clasp login
# Login and Authorize clasp

Integrate Google Spreadsheet with Google Apps Script(gas-webpagetest)

  1. Create empty spreadsheet that is recorded result of WebPagetest.
  • You should copy spreadsheet id
  • For example, your spreadsheet url is
  • asn__asxScJZi-2asd4242sdHOeB6t5XFdOk is a spreadsheet id and copy it
  1. Create new Google Apps Script and connect it your spreadsheet.

Run following command:

yarn run create-gas "<script title>" "<spreadsheet id>"
# Example
# yarn run create-gas "gas-webpagetest" "asn__asxScJZi-2asd4242sdHOeB6t5XFdOk"

yarn run create-gas command's arguments:

  • 1st argument is Google Apps Script title
  • 2nd argument is spreadsheet id

📝 If you met following error, you have to visit the url and enable the Apps Script API.

Error: Permission denied. Enable the Apps Script API:

  1. Configure .env file

You have to change these values of .env file.

  • WEBPAGETEST_API_KEY: WebPagetest API key
  • RUN_TEST_URL: Test target URL
  • SHEET_NAME: The name of Google Spread Sheet
    • Sheet Name is bottom the spread sheet
    • Sheet Name is Here
# WebPagetest API Key
## See
WEBPAGETEST_API_KEY=<your api key>
# Test Target URL
# Run Test interval
## Set run test interval by using Google Apps Script Time-Based Trigger
## Execute runTest function every RUN_TEST_INTERVAL
## Example:
## `2h`, `1h`, or `30m`
## Limitation:
## - Can not combine hour with minutes
##   - `1h30m` => Error
## - Allow to set one of `1m`, `5m`, `15m`, `30m` as minutes
# Sheet name to record

# WebPagetest Options
## Number of test runs (1-10 on the public instance)
## gas-webpagetest use median results
  1. Deploy the gas-webpagetest script to your Google Apps Script: yarn run deploy

Run following command that deploy this apps script.

yarn run deploy

Setup schedule for gas-webpagetest script

gas-webpagetest provide these functions and you can invoke these functions from spreadsheet's menu.

spread sheet menu

  • Run Test
    • Run test that call WebPagetest API
  • Get Test results
    • Get results of the test and write it to spreadsheet
  • Update column titles
    • Update spreadsheet title columns

These functions can be called manually.
However, These functions can be regularly called by Time Trigger.

So, you can set Time Trigger by the following function.

  • Set run test time triggers
    • You can set time trigger like cron
    • By default, it is per 30 minutes

Setup at first time

  1. Visit your google spread sheet
  2. Invoke "Update column titles" from spread sheet's menu
  3. Invoke "Set run test time triggers" from spread sheet's menu
  4. Complete!

After that, gas-webpagetest run tests per 30 minutes and put the results to your spreadsheet.


Additional: WebPagetest script

If you want to use scripting for WebPagetest, uncomment WEBPAGETEST_OPTIONS_SCRIPT_PATH in .env and write script in script.txt.

## WebPagetest Scripting Option
## Set file path to scripting file

Example: script.txt

logData	0

// bring up the login screen

logData	1

// log in
setValue	name=loginId
setValue	name=password	somepassword
submitForm	name=AOLLoginForm

Optional: Visualization

Google DataStudio visualize your spreadsheet data.

  1. Connect your spreadsheet to Google DataStudio
  2. Open Template Project
  3. Click "Create new report from the copy" on menu
    • Use your connected data