Google Chrome quick link shortening addon for Yourls users
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Chrourls is Google Chrome addon for those who are using Yourls for own URLs link shortening.

All You need for short link is one click - Hassan CHOP :)

1. Before installing Chrourls

First of all You have to install Yourls. Here is instruction how to. After installing Yourls, make sure that in config.php YOURLS_PRIVATE and YOURLS_UNIQUE_URLS are set to "true".

2. Installing Chrourls

You can install Chrourls in your browser from HERE.

After installing Chrourls, please open addons options page. You have to set two values:

  • Your Yourls url - link used for shortening, WITHOUT / at the end (ie.:
  • Secret token - token used for non-user/password authorisation (open "Tools" and go to "Secure passwordless API call" section)

3. Using Chrourls

As You can see Chrourls is still in beta development, so it's lot to do and errors may occure. Any feedback is welcome - just mail me: sm [dot] oku [at] uko [dot] ms or open repo ticket :)