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Add-On for Google Sheets to help those working with web archives.


  • Custom functions that use the Memento API (specifically the TimeGate) to look up whether a given archive holds a given URL. Currenly supports:
    • UK Web Archive via =WEBARCHIVE_STATUS_UKWA(<url>)
    • UK Government Web Archive via =WEBARCHIVE_STATUS_UKGWA(<url>)
    • Internet Archive via =WEBARCHIVE_STATUS_IA(<url>)

There's probably quite a lot more this could do, given these capabilities.

The main restriction here is the 20,000 calls/day default quota per user -- you should bare this in mind if attempting to check large numbers of URLs.

Getting Started

To install it, go here

To see an example of it in use, see this read-only Google Sheet.


This repo is mostly a back-up of the Google Script version, and editing should likley happen there, while we use clasp to make this backup occasionally.

That's a view-only link to the Google Script view, you'll need to request permission to edit.


  • Via Memento API:
    • Add custom functions to support TNA and Parliamentary archives TimeGates?
    • Add custom function to talk to the Memento Aggregator? Needs to return archival URL rather than just the status?
    • Add functions to return first/last memento datestamps?
    • Add functions to return counts? e.g. number of copies, or number of URLs starting like X?
    • Add functions return the archived URL?
    • Add button to replace URLs with archived URLs?
    • Add button to colour cells holding URLs based on archival status of URL? (Could also be applied to Google Docs? e.g. get all links)
  • Via suitable custom API:
    • Add a custom function to take a URL and report if there is a record in W3ACT that covers it? (and link to it?) Has it cleared the criteria for NPLD?
    • Add a custom function that checks holdings, but also immediately enqueues a request for the URL. i.e. handle in-scope nominations quickly.


  1. Check which version is currently live (these are simple version numbers controlled by the deployment service)
  2. Get local repo up to date
  3. clasp login as main GMail account
  4. clasp push
  5. Go to and open up the project 'UKWA Google Sheets Utilities'
  6. Verify changes are present.
  7. Click 'Publish > Deploy as Sheets add-on...'
  8. Update version info etc. as needed.
  9. Follow publication workflow until updates (or
  10. Check version is updated.

If changes are made and tested via the Google Apps Script UI then we can use clasp pull to get the new version and commit it to git.

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