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UKWA PYWB Access System

This repository represents a customized extension of pywb for use with the UK Web Archive. It includes:

This repository ships a custom package ukwa_pywb, which extends the offical pywb release. Where additional functionality is to be developed and then fed back to the upstream project, the ukwa/pywb fork of pywb can be used.

Development Setup

To build and run from a checked-out repository, you can use the integration test setup. First

cd integration-test/

Then you can use this to re-build the containerised version locally:

docker-compose build pywb

And run it using:

docker-compose up populate pywb

The first time you do this, the populate container will make the test data available and populate the system with it. You will need to do this again if you fully remove the integration testing containers. However, if you're just re-building pywb for testings, you can just do this:

docker-compose up pywb

When running locally, the service should be available at: http://localhost:8081 and should contain:

See Integration Tests for more details.

Deployment and Configuration

The project can be deployed locally or in Docker.

  • See Deployment for more information about deploying this repository and running tests.

  • See Configuration for more information about the config.yaml file and its options.

  • See Integration Tests on how to run the included integration test suite.