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Web Archive Discovery

These are the components we use to data-mine and index our ARC and WARC files and make the contents explorable and discoverable.

Build Status


See the wiki.

Running the development Opensearch Server

The Opensearch part is also usable for Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and may usable for older versions (with minor modifications). You can start it with the provided docker-compose file. After checkout do the following steps in a shell

$ cd warc-indexer/src/main/opensearch/os1
$ docker-compose up -d

Initalize the index

To use the cluster you need to create an index. You can do it by calling

$ curl --insecure --user admin:admin -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -XPUT https://localhost:9200/warcdiscovery/  -d @schema.json

this call creates the index with the schema.json which you can use with warcindexer. You can delete the index by calling

$ curl --insecure --user admin:admin -XDELETE https://localhost:9200/warcdiscovery

Solr-schema ported to Opensearch

The Solr-schema was as close as possible ported to Opensearch. There are just a few small differences:

  • default value "NOW" of index_time will be done by the warcindexer
  • default value "other" of content_type_norm will be done by the warcindexer
  • field content must be indexed, otherwise no position_increment_gap is possible in elastic
  • we only put ssdeep_hash_bs_* as dynamicField and skipped the institution-specific values, but these could be added easily

Indexing a WARC file

Use the following line if you want to populate the opensearch index:

$ java -jar target/warc-indexer-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar -e https://localhost:9200/warcdiscovery/ --user admin --password admin src/test/resources/wikipedia-mona-lisa/flashfrozen-jwat-recompressed.warc.gz


Overall, GNU General Public License Version 2, but some sub-components are Apache Software License, Version 2.0.