@ul ul released this Jun 15, 2018 · 132 commits to master since this release

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Changes since rc.1:

  • Completion trigger is now configurable. Set lsp_completion_trigger option to be any command which would fail when completions request is not needed. Default is to fail when preceding character is a whitespace
  • lsp-auto-hover-insert-mode-enable command allows to have hover info in insert mode. It relies on lsp_hover_insert_mode_trigger option which contains command which should move draft cursor to the position where hover is to be requested. By default it tries to retrieve current function signature by looking for opening parenthesis and fails if any closing parenthesis is between opening one and cursor
  • Rendering most of the information back to editor is now abstracted with Kakoune commands, which makes them ultimately customizable (see lsp-show-... commands in rc/lsp.kak for the reference)
  • Added lsp-signature-help command to request signature help from language server
  • Added lsp-document-symbol command to display buffer with current buffer's symbols
  • References are now collected in more efficient manner (shout out to @Pantoofle)
  • Default timeout is reverted back to 30 minutes
  • When config is not found, no warning is issued about loading default config anymore (this message was breaking integration with Kakoune)