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For demonstraiting the LLAPI
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For demonstraiting the LLAPI

This code shows how the LLAPI protocal is read and sent back out. Loading the data and dealing with flags is optional. It is inteneded to be included in to a project looking to comunicate with the Bliss-Box LLAPI.

Two projects use this code thus far. Bliss-Box adaptors found at and the MiSTer core fork that interfaces with the BlisSTer. The MiSTer cores can be found here.

You may contact the Author on the gaming discord (, company page (, or email (marked out for spam). Should anything be needed please let one us know.

Documentation may change so ill just post a link to the live version.

The schematics to the BlisSTer board are also included for anyone who wishes to make thier own boareds. Bliss-Box chips can be purchased preflashed or with bootloaders only from Bliss-Box or use a ATMEGA328 chip and flash the Bliss-Box dirreclty to it. Bliss-Box does not have gerber files as the work was done via the factory. A reqest to obtain them is in.

Cable pins out are here

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