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This is Ularn 1.5ish, patchlevel 4, as of 19 March 2001.

So, I'm taking his code and making it happier. Currently, Ularn 1.5 will
compile out of the box without errors under linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, HPUX11,
and Tru64 4.0g. It should also work okay on Solaris 7 and IRIX. HPUX11 also
currently requires that you use gcc. Compiling with HP's K&R C compiler
doesn't work-- Ularn is ANSI C. And I get weird linking problems and termcap
doesn't work right when I use HP's ANSI C compiler. I'm not really impressed
with their compiler anyway. You're probably better off with gcc. I may work
on this in the future, if people ask, but I probably won't bother.

Anyway, mail me patches and things if you have them. Fix things in the TODO
and I'll be really happy.

I would appreciate it, if you happen to include Ularn on a compilation or
software distribution of some sort, if you let me know. A copy of the
package you're including it in would also be welcome. If you make any
changes, please let me know, so they can be rolled back into the original.
(This goes for you FreeBSD ports guys, especially. I'd rather you not have
to have custom patches for your port. If you come up with FreeBSD-specific
patches, send them to me! I like FreeBSD! I'll include them myself, so you
can just have them grab the source!)

Anyway, have fun.

 -- Josh Brandt (Ularn maintainer)

---- original readme below

	This is the latest and greatest version of Ularn, as of 6/12/92.
	It should be much improved over the version that was posted to

-Phil Cordier (Ularn author)


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