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Codes to produce google maps overlays for 3D geophysical models
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Viewing 3D geophysical models in Google Maps or Google Earth


  • Find geophysical model at the IRIS EMC page
  • Edit init_file to set the map bounds, geophysical parameter, etc.
  • Make images, store them in Overlays/
  • Create .kmz file to view in Google Earth or make Google Maps overlays


  • netCDF, bash, Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), python, kml

Geophysical Models

This pipeline hasn't been extensively tested with the other models at the IRIS EMC. The primary purpose is to display the iMUSH seismic velocity models described in this paper:

Ulberg, C. W., Creager, K. C., Moran, S. C., Abers, G. A., Thelen, W. A., Levander, A., Kiser, E., Schmandt, B., Hansen, S., Crosson, R. S., (2019, submitted, JGR). Local earthquake Vp and Vs tomography in the Mount St. Helens region with the iMUSH broadband array.

Set image parameters

  • edit init_file
  • this will set parameters used in and

  • makes the overlay images which will be displayed, using GMT
  • run with ./
  • shouldn't require editing, unless you want to change the look of the images

  • creates a .kmz file that can be viewed in Google Earth
  • This was largely written by Bob Crosson (retired, UW), I've modified it to use python instead of c++
  • run with ./
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