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OBV Central Package

A Primo New UI customization package by OBVSG.

General notes

This package is a proof of concept howto implement a modular and flexible central package for the Primo New UI.

The current functionality is based on three packages:

These have been presented on the Primo New UI Hackathon/Virtual Conference, Dec.12-Dec.16 2016.

The new implemenation tries follow multiple Angular ES6 style guides. Code is organized in tree structure, each component in it's own folder, Angular entities (module,component,provider,service,template,...) are separated in files. Browserify is used do resolved dependencies.

It is planned to enhance current compoment, add more functionality and install this package on a multitenant consortial Primo instance.


The following instructions are intended for Unix-like operating systems.

  • Install Primo Development Environment unless already done.
  • Clone or download this repository into primo-explore/custom/CENTRAL_PACKAGE relative to root of primo-explore-devenv.

Building (running) the package

gulp run --view CENTRAL_PACKAGE --browserify

This package implements components which are not loaded by default. You have to explicitly enable them in your view package.

cat primo-explore/custom/MY_VIEW/js/main.js

angular.module('viewCustom', ['obvThumbnailLinks', 'obvWikipedia', 'obvGoogleBooks'])
    .config(function (obvThumbnailLinksProvider) {
        obvThumbnailLinksProvider.setConfig({ ft_label: { de_DE: 'Volltext Link' } });

gulp run --view MY_VIEW --browserify

Package documentation

The development package allows you to configure :

  • css

  • images

  • html

  • JavaScript

  • The root directory of the package should be named CENTRAL_PACKAGE for this package

  • Once deployed the hierarchy is as follows:

    1. For css - use the cascading ability of css and load the consortia level (CENTRAL_PACKAGE) css first and the view level css afterwards
    2. For images and html - the system checks for every file if it exists in each level - and prefers the view level file if exists
    3. For JavaScript - the two package types define 2 different Angular modules:
      • var app = angular.module('viewCustom', ['angularLoad']);
      • var app = angular.module('centralCustom', ['angularLoad']);

    and loads both of the modules,

  • For each configuration type there is a specified folder in the custom package folder (that can be downloaded form your Primo Back Office)

  • In each folder you will find a specific file with recipes/examples.





External documentation

Coding style of this package is based on multiple style guides.

Google search angular es6 style guide results: