ZenSharp for ReSharper is mnemonics on steroids!
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ReSharper ZenSharp plugin

A shortcuts language for defining ReSharper live template items. You can specify your own live template scheme using flexible language.

How does it work:



How do I get it?

You can install directly into ReSharper 2018.1…8.2 via the Extension Manager in the ReSharper menu.

Predefined templates

ZenSharp shipped with a lot of standard templates.

$END$ means cursor position after expand template by pressing Tab.

Examples in scope, where method definition is allowed:

shortcut expand to how to memo
pps public string $name$ { get; private set; } $END$ public property string
ppsAge public string Age {get; private set;} $END$ public property string Name
pps+ public string $name$ { get; set; } $END$ public property string more access!
ppsA+p public string A {get; protected set;} $END$ public property string more access!protected
_rs private readonly string $name$; $END$ [_ is private] readonly string
pvm public virtual void $name$($END$) { } public virtual method
pM~s public static IEnumerable<string> $name$($END$) { } public [static Method] returning [~ is IEnumerable] of string
pamb public abstract bool $name$($END$) { } public abstract method bool
pmiaTest public int[] Test() { $END$ } public method returning int array Name

Examples where type declaration is allowed:

shortcut expand to how to memo
pi public interface $name$ { $END$ } public interface
psc public sealed class $name$ { $END$ } public sealed class
pc:t public class $name$ : $type$ { $END$ } public class :type
ie internal enum $name$ { $END$ } internal enum

Hint: you can always write variable name after shortcut. For example, you can type ppsPropertyName and by pressing tab it magically expand to public string PropertyName {get; set; }.


shortcut expand to
p public
_ private
i internal
P protected


shortcut expand to note
t $type$ ask user for custom type after expand
sa string[] any prim type end with a — array of this type
b? bool? any prim type end with ? — Nullable type
Primitive types
shortcut expand to
s string
by byte
b bool
dt DateTime
d double
i int
ui uint
g Guid
dc decimal
b? bool?
Generic types
shortcut expand to
l IList
~ IEnumerable
sl SortedList
di Dictionary
NUnit attributes

Some useful examples to help wring NUnit tests: repo today)

shortcut expand to
supmSetup [SetUp] public void Setup() { $END$ }
tfsupmFixtureSetup [TestFixtureSetUp] public void FixtureSetup() { $END$ }
tftdFixtureDown [TestFixtureTearDown] public void FixtureDown() { $END$ }
tdpmTearDown [TearDown] public void Test() { $END$ }
tcpmTest [TestCase] public void Test() { $END$ }
tpmTest [Test] public void Test() { $END$ }


Simplest rule for expand text cw into System.Console.WriteLine($END$)(this rule is ordinary ReSharper live template) will looks like start ::= "cw"="System.Console.WriteLine($END$)"

More complex rule, a sort of predefined live template for define class in scope, where class declaration is allowed. In ordinary live templates, if you want to specify class access before executing live template, you must define independent live templates one for "public class"=pc, another for "internal class"=ic But class can be also be sealed. Or static. And same access modifier can be applied to interface and enum.

In ZenSharp config you can simple define rules like formal grammar. For class declaration this definition will looks like:

space  ::= " "
cursor ::= "$END$"
identifier ::= <name default="$name$" macros = "complete()">

access ::= (internal=i | public=p | private=_ | protected=P) space
class  ::= access ["sealed "=s] ("class"=c | "static class"=C) space body
body   ::= identifier "{" cursor "}"

scope "InCSharpTypeAndNamespace"
  start = class | interface

More complex example available in predefined templates file.

How to compile

ZenSharp written in C# and Nemerle programming language. You can install it from Nemerle website http://nemerle.org/Downloads . ZenSharp depend on nuget packages ReSharper.SDK and nunit.framwork. Use nuget package restore for them.

After this, ZenSharp can be built either msbuild or Visual Studio.

External links

https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2015/12/22/end-of-year-round-up-of-resharper-10-extensions/ https://garyng.github.io/gtil-gitbook/ReSharper/resharper-plugin-zensharp.html