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from bluepy import btle
import struct
import pexpect
import datetime
# String to send data to openhab
send2OH = 'curl --header "Content-Type: text/plain" --request PUT --data "%s"'
# Timeout in minutes
timeout = 1
def listAll(p):
for svc in p.getServices():
for ch in svc.getCharacteristics():
print(" " + str(ch.valHandle) + ": " + ch.uuid.getCommonName())
class MyDelegate(btle.DefaultDelegate):
def __init__(self):
def handleNotification(self, cHandle, data):
#print("A notification was received: " + data + "<-- data")
# Get battery level
svc = p.getServiceByUUID( "180F" )
chBat = svc.getCharacteristics()[0]
batVal = struct.unpack('b',[0] %(str(batVal), "Battery_Level"))
p = btle.Peripheral("f2:5c:dc:a2:94:ea", btle.ADDR_TYPE_RANDOM)
p.setDelegate( MyDelegate() )
# Setup to turn notifications on, e.g.
svc = p.getServiceByUUID( "e198000158b346e7b9a6bedfad46833c" )
ch = svc.getCharacteristics()[0]
p.writeCharacteristic(ch.valHandle+1, "\x02\x00")
while True:
if p.waitForNotifications(int(timeout*60)):
# handleNotification() was called
print(str('.')[0] + ": Waited for %i min without notification..." %(timeout))
# Perhaps do something else here
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