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New in 0.10
Raised default clock to 136Mhz for F200 models (minimum frequency for touchscreen)
Fixed bug in link navigation
Support for additional utf8 characters
Restructured the virtual keyboard dialog with touchscreen support
New translations: Basque, Catalan, Turkish
Added support for the touchscreen
Added support for f200 battery
Added internal explorer that can launch .gpu .gpe and .sh files
Added graphic indicators for switching sections
Added on screen help (keep pressed A, only on the main screen at the moment)
Cpu clock raised when loading manuals
Added support for bmp and jpg/jpeg files for manuals
Added preview of images when selecting icons
Added option to show the root folder in the selection dialogs
Fixed bug that prevented the use of the custom selected wallpaper on restart
Lots of fixes
New in 0.9
Added gamma setting (global and per-link)
Added option to tweak ram timings
Added skins support
Added link to activate tv-out
Added support for multiple wallpapers
Color of message dialogs changeable by skins
Automatic icon association for links with icons found in the skin "icons" directory
Adding a link to a file without gpu or gpe extension automatically enables the wrapper feature
Added support for translations (Italian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish, Slovak, Norwegian and Russian included)
Use of a new font code which supports (some) utf8 characters
Added graphics for gp2x buttons
Moved screenshot in the selector under the text
[selFullPath] is automatically added at the end of the params when using the selector and no [marker] is specified
Easier access to the last row of links
Moved manual indicator to the bottom bar
Save screenshot with A+L+R (only on the main screen)
SD corruption when using USB on certain setups should be fixed
Fixed half tv-out screen
Fixed flickering in various locations
Fixed bugs in the manuals navigation system
Other small changes
New in 0.8.1
Fixed crash on section creation.
Fixed moving links between sections.
Fixed creating links in the first section.
Fixed alpha support for font.png
New in 0.8
Added support for game manuals (.man.png, .man.txt or readmes)
Implemented link's output logs with a log viewer (Disabled by default)
Implemented a simple text reader used in various situations
Implemented volume control (per-link and globally)
Added some confirmation dialogs
Changed cancel button from A to X
Added link to mount nand on usb with a dialog notification if usb is used for networking
Implemented virtual links (gmenu2x settings, usb, log viewer, about)
Added messageboxes
Added links for firmware 2.1.x
Directories browseable from selector
Added a blending effect to selector screenshots.
Updated the README with basic instructions (website is still recommended)
Fixed some minor bugs.
New in 0.7
GMenu2X always returns to last section/game/selector used (until shutdown)
New params magic value: [selFullPath] which equals [selPath][selFile][selExt]
Params magic values ([selFile] & Co.) are now automatically escaped, so quotes are not needed (and may cause problems)
Added support for an optional alias file for the selector that display the full name of roms.
Fixed bug with links with special characters.
Removed some unneeded savings.
Number of rows and columns on the links page configurable.
Various little fixes and tweaks
New in 0.6
Implemented link scanner
Added options to links for using a selector with them
Initial support for usbnet, ftp, telnet, samba and web server
Battery led indicates disk writes (don't turn the gp2x off while the led is on)
L = PageUp, R = PageDown in lists
Raised maximum hardcoded clock to 325Mhz and default gmenu2x clock to 100Mhz
Improved virtual keyboard
Sorting functions are now case unsensitive (filebrowser, dirdialog, selector)
Wrapper script removed and fixed a related bugs (wrapper function is still available)
Link's section changeable
All link's features are configurable from the interface
Battery indicator refined
File selector starts from /mnt instead of /mnt/sd
Fixed support for fonts of different size
New in 0.5
Added context-menu option to change link icon
Added options to configure top bar, bottom bar and selection color separately.
Readded support for imgs/selection.png (used only if present)
GMenu2X is now working at 50Mhz (configurable)
Added ability to set the maximum overclock to use with links (hardcoded maximum remains 300Mhz)
Moved under/overclock functions in gmenu2x (no need for cpu_speed binary)
"Save last selection" feature disableable
New in 0.4
Fixed flickering in context menu
Fixed bug that prevented correct launch of some applications
Interface color configurable (START brings up an options menu) (removed img/selection.png)
Saves and restores last selected section and link
Added global config file
Sections with no icon are displayed with a default one (icons/section.png)
Added virtual keyboard for editing title and description of links
Links created through file browser are truncated if too long
New in 0.3
Links creatable in-menu using a file browser
Links deletable in-menu
Icon associated with gpu/gpe is used when no icon is specified
Dithered background
Added battery status indicator
Added a menu with options binded to the select button
Clock setting is saved when changed
Links area scrollable to allow more than 24 links per section
Fix for links with DOS line-endings
Increased space between icons
New in 0.2.1
No more crash in presence of a section with no valid links
Keys and values in links are now trimmed. This means that you can spaces before and after keys and values (IE: " exec = /path/to/link.gpe " is valid)
Split applications section in applications and settings and added settings/exit link that launches the original frontend.
L and R shoulder buttons swapped
New in 0.2
Interface completely redesigned, now there are 24 links visible at the same time.
Display of free space on sd
In-Menu Under/Overclocker using the included utility by god_at_hell, Hermes/PS2Reality, Robster, Vimacs (edit script/ to tweak other parameteres besides clock speed)
Any number of sections supported
Customisation made simplier (just replace bg.png with any wallpaper of size 320x240)
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