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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Utilities for FFT computation and visualization
import numpy as np
import scipy.signal
import functools
from UliEngineering.EngineerIO import normalize_numeric
__all__ = [
def _generate_wave(genfn, frequency, samplerate, amplitude=1., length=1., phaseshift=0., timedelay=0., offset=0.):
Generate a wave using a given function of a specific frequency of a specific length.
:param frequency A np.sin-like generator function (period shall be 2*pi)
:param frequency The frequency in Hz
:param samplerate The samplerate of the resulting array
:param amplitude The peak amplitude of the sinewave
:param length The length of the result in seconds
:param timedelay The phaseshift, in seconds (in addition to phaseshift)
:param phaseshift The phaseshift in degrees (in addition to timedelay)
# Normalize text values, e.g. "100 kHz" => 100000.0
frequency = normalize_numeric(frequency)
samplerate = normalize_numeric(samplerate)
amplitude = normalize_numeric(amplitude)
length = normalize_numeric(length)
phaseshift = normalize_numeric(phaseshift)
offset = normalize_numeric(offset)
timedelay = normalize_numeric(timedelay)
# Perform calculations
x = np.arange(length * samplerate)
phaseshift_add = phaseshift * samplerate / (360. * frequency)
phaseshift_add += timedelay * samplerate
return offset + amplitude * genfn(frequency * (2. * np.pi) * (x + phaseshift_add) / samplerate)
sine_wave = functools.partial(_generate_wave, np.sin)
cosine_wave = functools.partial(_generate_wave, np.cos)
square_wave = functools.partial(_generate_wave, scipy.signal.square)
triangle_wave = functools.partial(_generate_wave,
functools.partial(scipy.signal.sawtooth, width=0.5))
sawtooth = functools.partial(_generate_wave,
functools.partial(scipy.signal.sawtooth, width=1))
inverse_sawtooth = functools.partial(_generate_wave,
functools.partial(scipy.signal.sawtooth, width=0))