Simple server-side PDF-LaTeX compiler plugin for Etherpad lite.
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A server-side LaTeX compiler for Etherpad lite

ep_etherlatex is a simple, server-side pdflatex compiler for etherpad lite. It is the result of failed attempts to get FlyLaTeX running in a satisfying way.

ep_etherlatex adds a button to the right menubar (you won't miss it!). When you click on it, a new tab/window is opened that either shows the compiled PDF, or (if the compilation failed) the output log.

Currently the plugin assumes you have a working pdflatex installation on the etherpad server, which is in the PATH and can be executed by the user running etherpad. For each compilation, a temporary directory is created, and immediately deleted after sending back the results to the user.


Ensure etherpad-lite is installed and running before installing ep_etherlatex!

To install, execute git clone in the node_modules subdirectory of your etherpad lite installation directory.

After that, you need to install some dependencies for ep_etherlatex itself. In order to do this, execute npm install inside the cloned ep_etherlatex directory.

The overall workflow could look like this:

cd node_modules
git clone
cd ep_etherlatex
npm install

Related projects

Also take a look at ep_latex which uses texlive.js , an emscripten-compiled version of TeXLive. As noted on the texlive.js website, there are only three TeX packages supported -- in my tests, this has proven to be a huge limitation -- additionally, the compilation speed is quite slow.


ep_etherlatex was created by Uli Köhler.


Any contribution will be highly appreciated! Please submit GitHub Pull Requests and/or Issues!


ep_etherlatex is released under Apache License v2, just like etherpad lite itself.