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A quickfix mode for emacs.
Emacs Lisp
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A quickfix mode for emacs inspired by Eclipse's own quickfix.

Eclipse's quickfix

How does it work

quickfix-mode consists of a series of quickfixes registered for your favourite programming mode. These will suggest a possible suggestion depending on the error (or warning) reported for flymake. Oh yes, quickfix-mode depends on flymake (and popup).

Quickfix in action

Let's say flymake reports some errors in your code (in this case in erlang)

flymake errors and warnings

In particular that a function is not defined yet

bar is undefined

C-c C-f to the rescue...

quickfix suggest it could define the function for us

selecting...and voila!

and the function is defined so that we can work on it

Exporting unused functions works too.

foo is unused :-o

quickfix to the rescue

and we're good!


Clone this repo somewhere and include the directory in your load-path:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/quickfix-mode")

then require the mode:

(require 'quickfix-mode)

To add the erlang (or python) handlers simply load the corresponding file:

(load-file "/path/to/quickfix-mode/quickfix-erlang.el")


(load-file "/path/to/quickfix-mode/quickfix-python.el")


Soon to come. Stay tuned.

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