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// WILDLayer.h
// Propaganda
// Created by Uli Kusterer on 28.02.10.
// Copyright 2010 The Void Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "WILDScriptContainer.h"
#import "WILDObjectID.h"
#import "LEOValue.h"
@class ULIMultiMap;
@class WILDStack;
@class WILDPart;
@class WILDPartContents;
@class WILDCard;
@class WILDBackground;
@interface WILDLayer : NSObject <WILDScriptContainer>
WILDObjectID mID; // Unique ID number of this background/card.
NSString* mName; // Name of this background/card.
NSString* mScript; // Script text.
struct LEOScript* mScriptObject; // Compiled script.
BOOL mShowPict; // Should we draw mPicture or not?
BOOL mDontSearch; // Do not include this card in searches.
BOOL mCantDelete; // Prevent scripts from deleting this card?
NSString* mPictureName; // Card/background picture's file name.
NSImage* mPicture; // Card/background picture.
NSMutableArray* mParts; // Array of parts on this card.
NSMutableArray* mAddColorParts; // Array of parts for which we have AddColor color information. May contain parts that are already in mParts.
NSMutableDictionary* mContents; // Dictionary of part ID -> contents mappings
ULIMultiMap* mButtonFamilies; // Family ID as key, and arrays of button parts belonging to these families.
WILDStack* mStack;
WILDObjectID mPartIDSeed;
LEOObjectID mIDForScripts; // The ID Leonie uses to refer to this object.
LEOObjectSeed mSeedForScripts; // The seed value to go with mIDForScripts.
struct LEOValueObject mValueForScripts; // A LEOValue so scripts can reference us (see mIDForScripts).
@property (copy) NSString* name;
@property (assign) BOOL dontSearch;
@property (assign) BOOL cantDelete;
-(id) initForStack: (WILDStack*)theStack;
-(id) initWithXMLDocument: (NSXMLDocument*)elem
forStack: (WILDStack*)theStack;
-(void) loadAddColorObjects: (NSXMLElement*)theElem;
-(WILDObjectID) backgroundID;
-(NSImage*) picture;
-(void) setPicture: (NSImage*)inImage;
-(BOOL) showPicture;
-(NSArray*) parts;
-(NSArray*) addColorParts;
-(WILDPartContents*) contentsForPart: (WILDPart*)thePart;
-(WILDPart*) partWithID: (WILDObjectID)theID;
-(WILDObjectID) uniqueIDForPart;
-(NSInteger) numberOfPartsOfType: (NSString*)inPartType;
-(WILDPart*) partAtIndex: (NSUInteger)inPartIndex ofType: (NSString*)inPartType;
-(WILDPart*) partNamed: (NSString*)inPartName ofType: (NSString*)inPartType;
-(void) updatePartOnClick: (WILDPart*)thePart withCard: (WILDCard*)inCard background: (WILDBackground*)inBackground;
-(NSString*) partLayer;
-(void) createNewButton: (id)sender;
-(void) createNewField: (id)sender;
-(void) addNewPartFromXMLTemplate: (NSURL*)xmlFile;
-(void) bringPartCloser: (WILDPart*)inPart;
-(void) sendPartFarther: (WILDPart*)inPart;
-(WILDStack*) stack;
-(void) updateChangeCount: (NSDocumentChangeType)inChange;
-(NSString*) script;
-(void) setScript: (NSString*)theScript;
-(NSString*) xmlStringForWritingToURL: (NSURL*)packageURL forSaveOperation:(NSSaveOperationType)saveOperation originalContentsURL:(NSURL *)absoluteOriginalContentsURL error: (NSError**)outError;
-(void) appendInnerAddColorObjectXmlToString: (NSMutableString*)theString;
-(void) appendInnerXmlToString: (NSMutableString*)theString; // Hook-in point for subclasses like WILDCard.
-(void) getID: (LEOObjectID*)outID seedForScripts: (LEOObjectSeed*)outSeed;
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