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Build docs faster.

Leonie gets built as part of Forge already, no nead to do it twice.
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uliwitness committed Apr 27, 2013
1 parent b0715e7 commit 076fd8bfccf9cf940a706e01816a575b92cf8f8c
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@@ -11,5 +11,4 @@ cd `dirname "$0"`
rm -rf `dirname "$0"`/docs/*
$HEADERDOC2HTML -o `dirname "$0"`/docs `dirname "$0"`/Stacksmith/
$HEADERDOC2HTML -o `dirname "$0"`/docs `dirname "$0"`/Forge/
$HEADERDOC2HTML -o `dirname "$0"`/docs `dirname "$0"`/Forge/Leonie/
$GATHERHEADERDOC `dirname "$0"`/docs

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