Open source Finder icon view class. This requires the UliKit directory next to it, or it won't compile.
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What is it

UKDistributedView is an NSTableView-like class that displays a list of items in a Finder-style "icon view" as icons that can be freely moved around. Note that while this view's appearance aims to track the current Mac OS X releases, the model for this view's behaviour is mostly the MacOS 9 Finder, and not the slightly broken implementation of MacOS X 10.2.

Like an NSTableColumn, UKDistributedView uses an NSCell subclass to perform the actual display of the data. You can specify what kind of cell is to be used.

How do I use it?

I've tried to model UKDistributedView close to NSTableView. There is a delegate, a data source, and a numberOfItemsInDistributedView: method. To provide the data for your items, implement


and assign the desired values to the NSCell (the kind of which you can change using setPrototype: - a Finder-icon-like cell class is included).

The header and implementation files are pretty decently commented and should give you all the clues you need after reading through the example application's source code. Familiarity with NSTableView and co. is definitely helpful.


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