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// UKDistributedViewIBPluginView.m
// UKDistributedViewIBPlugin
// Created by Uli Kusterer on 05.07.09.
// Copyright 2009 The Void Software. All rights reserved.
#import <InterfaceBuilderKit/InterfaceBuilderKit.h>
#import <UKDistributedViewIBPlugin/UKDistributedView.h>
#import "UKDistributedViewIBPluginInspector.h"
#import "UKDistributedViewDummyDataSource.h"
@implementation UKDistributedView ( UKDistributedViewIntegration )
- (void)ibPopulateKeyPaths: (NSMutableDictionary *)keyPaths
[super ibPopulateKeyPaths: keyPaths];
// Remove the comments and replace "MyFirstProperty" and "MySecondProperty"
// in the following line with a list of your view's KVC-compliant properties.
[[keyPaths objectForKey: IBAttributeKeyPaths] addObjectsFromArray: [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"gridColor", /*@"MySecondProperty",*/ nil]];
- (void)ibPopulateAttributeInspectorClasses:(NSMutableArray *)classes
[super ibPopulateAttributeInspectorClasses: classes];
[classes addObject: [UKDistributedViewIBPluginInspector class]];
-(id) dataSource // Override data source with our default dummy source.
return [UKDistributedViewDummyDataSource sharedDummyDataSource];