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A view that can be torn out of a window, or dropped into another window again.

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This is currently a study of how one could implement a view that can be moved from one window to another or can be torn out of a window and made another window of its own.

This technique could be used to e.g. implement Safari-style tabs where you can move them inside the tab bar, drop one tab into the tab bar of another window, or make a tab its own window.

This code is about 7 years old and was made available upon request. I am not currently using it in any projects, but if someone wants to update this to suit the tabs use-case better, I'd be happy to take submissions.


The dragging code needs to be rewritten before this is suitable for use in a shipping product.


As always, this is under a zlib-style license, but (c) Copyright 2004 M. Uli Kusterer.
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