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Make this more reusable by not constantly changing the define and ins…

…tead defining in the prefix header.
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1 parent eb6624d commit 5f0e77b853f243c67f441e53677471b6c73037a4 @uliwitness committed Jul 22, 2011
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5 SCParamBlock.h
@@ -40,7 +40,10 @@
// You also may have to do the same for your other classes.
// Change this to your external's name:
-#define SCParamBlock SCParamBlock_xHttpPost
+#ifndef SCParamBlock
+// put a define like '#define SCParamBlock SCParamBlock_NameOfYourXCMD' in your prefix header somewhere
+#error Must define SCParamBlock to a unique name!
@interface SCParamBlock : NSObject

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