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Also output the version number as a number, not just a string, for us…

…e in Info.plist.
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uliwitness committed Apr 10, 2010
1 parent 351717c commit aef11b9c2e0f1d809d053ac8c7cf08d92d67aedb
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@@ -46,4 +46,5 @@ fullrevnum=`/usr/local/git/bin/git rev-parse HEAD`
# Now write the constant declaration to the file:
echo "#define SVN_VERSION \"$revnum\"" > svn_version.h
echo "#define GIT_HASH \"$fullrevnum\"" >> svn_version.h
+echo "#define SVN_VERSION_NUM $revnum" >> svn_version.h
echo "note: Wrote revision $revnum to svn_version.h"

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